New experiences take me “Over the Top” . . .

    . . . and that’s what I want to build my tours around.


Come on along!

“For 17 years I was one of the organizers of the MotorIoway series, arranging over 30 vintage vehicle tours throughout Iowa and surrounding states. Before that I annually took 150 race fans to the Indianapolis 500 and along with my wife Sherry I have organized many — tours across Europe. Touring takes you into new territory and opens your eyes in the process. Come on along!”   


What I’ve learned about vintage vehicle touring

Vintage vehicle tours can take many forms, from cross-country “enduros” to single day “cruises”.  I like something in between—2 or 3 day tours—using a “hub & spoke” itinerary. Staying in one location and not having to “pack-up” each morning is appealing, plus it allows for a more flexible schedule. This means a balance between scenic drives, primarily on two-lane blacktops with a few “twisties” along the way and extra time to visit local points-of-interest.


And it’s not about the cars!

Spend a little time around the “old car hobby” and you realize they are “people events”; the vehicles are just the common denominator. Getting to know fellow participants, renewing old friendships, making plans to get together “back home”; that’s what it’s all about. 


Two tours in 2016

In June we will focus on Mason City and the heritage of Music Man* (*with a bit of SPAM on the side!)

Our Fall Tour will take us down the Freedom Road — check for details.


— John Swan